Located in Bodrum, Zai Yaşam is a living space designed by appealing to 5 senses under the same roof of gastronomy, music, cinema, theatre, literature and art.

Olive is mentioned as a legendary fruit in all documents, regardless of religion, mythology, culture, art or health.
The word Zai, one of the ancient expressions of olive, became the name of a dream we fell under the shadow of the olive tree.

We evaluated the meaningful existence of this tree with the excitement of creating a space where people purify, provide information and immortalize it by transmitting information, just as it symbolizes. We opened our doors to all literature and art lovers, with the thought that the most important phenomenon that gives an identity to a place is the story of that place and the experiences lived in that place.

The New Generation Library offers an indispensable venue experience with its workshops based on various experiences as well as art events, classical music and jazz concerts.


Zai Yaşam, Çırkan Mah. Öziş Sok 23/1 ve 2, Bodrum, Muğla 48400, Turkey

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