We dreamt of a long summer,
a step closer to nature and the sea.

An idealized land of pastoral pleasures where nature is most generous. In BODRUM LOFT, you are a guest of nature, invited to live to its rhythm.

One step away from the green and the sea, BODRUM LOFT comes to life on the shore of the endless azure of the Aegean. Inspired by the home of the great Homer and his land of eternal blue, BODRUM LOFT promises a safe heaven for a unique community, offering an experience of living better in touch with nature.

The unique architecture of BODRUM LOFT is inspired by the terrain bearing the signature of Tabanlıoğlu Architects and Akfen Holding, in perfect harmony with the landscape covered with greenery and pine trees. Olive, sandalwood, laurel, mastic, cranberry and citrus trees along with the evergreen shrubs and bushes endemic to the Mediterranean have been preserved throughout.

In BODRUM LOFT, every need is anticipated. Balancing simplicity and luxury with 36 fully furnished and lavishly serviced units, BODRUM LOFT revives the ultimate hospitality experience. The innovative accommodation designed for convenience provides impeccable service and opulent amenities.


Loft Şantiyesi Mekatronik İnşaat, Bodrum - Torba, Bodrum, Muğla 48400, Turkey

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